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Little nuggets of wisdom that you can find on our beach.

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Business As Usual Brunch Discussion

Business as usual?

Naleena lead an insightful discussion about the concept of ‘Business As Usual’ through the current health crisis, and the many factors that have had to change in the way we do business.

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Don’t Do Star Jumps

Star jumps:
• use a lot of energy
• produce endorphins and make you feel good which fools you into thinking you’re doing something productive
• make you really tired after not very long
• involve moving a lot but not moving anywhere
If you or your team are doing star jumps, you’re procrastinating. Stop!

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Don’t be an A**hole…or a Samaritan!

Over the past decade, whilst rapid exponential progress in technology has unleashed disruptive and inspiring new opportunities for how we work and what we do, the inevitable ambiguity and uncertainty has resulted in examples of both the best and the worst kinds of leadership…

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Embrace Compassion in Business

The gift of compassion is not only the ability to understand how your actions may impact others. It is the willingness to find better ways to ensure your actions also lift others up too. In 2020, try not to excuse your actions by hiding behind the results you need to achieve, rather make …

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Votes for Women Flapper

Be more inclusive – thoughts on Gender for the New Year

I was reflecting on the whole ‘gender debate’ in the light of Meghan Markle and all the screaming about racism and sexism and misogyny in the wake of her decision to leave the UK, and wondered how we got here?

I’ve been involved in promoting women in organisations for many years – fix the pipeline fix the problems, right?

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It’s Never Too Late to Reinvent Yourself..

For today’s final top tip we’ve chosen something a little different, a little more visual… from Linda Notelovitz at LifeDesign. Linda is a Filmmaker, a Visual Communicator, who tells stories for Advertising & Marketing, Branded Content & Entertainment.

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Flapper day 5

It’s Good to Listen..

The start of the year is a good time to check-in with your people – be they customers, clients or employees – to ensure that your story continues to be aligned with their experiences and expectations for the year ahead and beyond.

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Flapper writing a journal

Keep a Weekly Journal to Reflect on your Critical Thinking

In 2020 try to keep a weekly journal in which you reflect on your critical thinking. Your weekly journal entry should deal with four points:

1. describe an idea, maybe something you like or dislike;
2. reflect on your response, or why you reacted the way you did to the idea;
3. relate your new idea to another theory or idea you know; and
4. consider how this new idea relates to your personal learning process and journey.

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Do Half as much, Twice as Well

Do Half as much, Twice as Well

It was my resolution for 2018, because in 2017 I was really busy doing lots of good stuff but very little of it was truly outstanding. In January 2018 I literally crossed out the 50% of things that I didn’t love doing and doubled the amount of energy I poured into the things that I did love. End result…. lots of truly outstanding things.

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Scenario Planning

So far we have been trying to identify some trends and then develop the stories around those trends. We have also covered some tools to

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Delphi Technique

You’ll be pleased to know that this week’s blog is not about reading … for a change! When they needed advice on any major or

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Oller Oller People

Recently I attended the opening of Jerwood Open Forest, an exhibition to explore the relationship between art and the environment run in partnership with Forestry

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Counting ahas

What are aha moments and why do we want people to have more of them?  Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with 1980s Norwegian

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Asking for help

Asking for help Why is that many of us find it hard to ask for help?  All it involves logically is expressing a few words –

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Decision fatigue

Why decisions are tiring  I am currently de-energised having written a 50,000 word report on professional development. I CAN’T be de-energised, my company is called

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How authentic are you at work? Authenticity is about being who you are and is the best form of self-promotion there is. When you are

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