PurpleBeach Guest Blog

PurpleBeach Guest Blog

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Date published: 11-04-2017

5th Annual PurpleBeach Experience

Purple Beach. The 5th annual gathering. This time at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London. Discreetly signposted by two purple balloons. And the 80 invited guests only would give nothing away to the virgins among us – save to say be open and expect nothing. And the C-suiters did just that. Founder, Annemie Ress, all… View Article

Date published: 07-03-2017

Developing Learning Experience Designers

Digitalization is slowly transforming the way executives learn. Several attributes characterize this change. First, learning is moving from being an event-based activity to one that is integrated into everyday life – and hence something that happens continuously. Second, learning is less and less L&D driven, and more and more learner-led – comprising diverse learning moments,… View Article

Date published: 03-03-2016

The Global Leaders Journey, Kenya

You will work with children and adults in schools and social spaces in around Nairobi. You will be coached and challenged to make a difference every day, during an intensive week. You will meet great people who are accomplishing extraordinary things. Is it time for you? You will visit social enterprises in Kibera, Africa’s biggest… View Article

Date published: 24-02-2016

Experiences on the Camino

If you are searching for meaning in your life, then this article is for you. In September 2015, I walked for 40 days, covering one thousand kilometer, on my own and at my own pace, as I needed a break from corporate life. More importantly, I did it because I could! For the first time in… View Article

Date published: 10-08-2015

Winning Failures, Turning Error into Opportunity

Reward excellent failures. Punish medium successes” This is how actor Phil Daniels defined the power of leadership.  But what is a “good failure”? How can we help people talk about failures openly without fear, and how do we teach them to approach mistakes? Is there an intelligent way to learn from failures that can be… View Article

Date published: 16-07-2015

Asking for help

Asking for help Why is that many of us find it hard to ask for help?  All it involves logically is expressing a few words – a request, and yet so often we stop ourselves. Often people worry about appearing weak or lacking in competence or about not being good enough, or perhaps find it hard to be… View Article