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with Annemie Ress

Date published: 21-02-2017

Who needs balance when you can embrace extremes?

Debates around how people can best balance their professional and personal needs – the elusive work/life balance – have been running for decades. Despite innovative forms of industry, new technologies allowing work to be done from almost anywhere and more ‘family friendly’ policies, we seem to be no nearer achieving it. The search for balance… View Article

Date published: 17-03-2016

Do you remember the first time?

My how the time flies! Just three short years ago we were preparing for our very first PurpleBeach experience in London, a two-day crucible of connection and experimentation designed to provide leaders with opportunities to reflect with a range of diverse thinkers and stimulate “aha moments” of inspiration. Since those early days we’ve provided thousands… View Article

Date published: 01-03-2016

Are you brave enough to change the world?

How brave do you feel right now? Brave enough to take on the world, the baying mob, mainstream public opinion, the establishment, the law, the church and thousands of years of prejudice? How about brave enough to learn from those that did? 50 years ago homosexuality was illegal in the UK, 30 years ago national… View Article

Date published: 02-11-2015

PurpleBeach creates new leadership and innovation services

Since PurpleBeach was founded we have sought to provide business leaders and HR professionals with new experiences and opportunities that generate aha moments of inspiration and help them to grow. This unique approach has helped hundreds of leaders prepare themselves personally and professionally for the future, created game-changing innovations and enabled businesses to embrace new… View Article

Date published: 21-09-2015

Flatter firms look to networks for more innovative future

Throughout the summer of 2015 PurpleBeach has been gathering insight and opinion into the changing nature of business. In particular, we wanted to understand how leadership, management and innovation have changed since the financial crisis landed with a bang at the end of the last decade. Discussions started in July over breakfast in London with… View Article

Date published: 20-08-2015

Help us understand the new nature of leadership

Throughout the summer of 2015 PurpleBeach is gathering insight and opinion around the changing nature of leadership, management and innovation in business. We want to understand better how businesses have changed and adapted since the financial crisis, and whether approaches to leadership and innovation are keeping pace. We are seeking insight from leaders around the… View Article