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Date published: 23-02-2017

You can’t give what you don’t have, so invest in yourself first!

3 of the intrepid PurpleBeach team, Tanya Cordrey, Olivia Gribaudo and Orlagh Hunt gave their views on the hot topic of Mindfulness recently at the third annual Everywoman Forum: Advancing Women in Technology. The forum welcomed over 600 delegates from around the world who came to hear from some leading thinkers in the international technology… View Article

Date published: 20-02-2017

Fourth Industrial Revolution

4IR, Industry 4.0 There’s been a lot of talk about Brexit and we are all grappling with the questions and implications for our businesses big and small, but the risk is that if we narrow our focus to reacting to this immediate challenge we could miss the bigger one already coming down the track, namely… View Article