Thinking Ahead

Thinking Ahead

with Warren Weertman

Date published: 16-09-2013

Intellectual Property and Future Studies: Determining What’s What and Who Owns What

Today I am wearing my lawyer and futurist hats, so I’m 1/3rd of the way to wearing De Bono’s 6 Thinking Hats. One of the issues that is quite important when running a futures exercise is to deal with the intellectual property (or “IP”) that is generated as a result of the exercise. The IP… View Article

Date published: 09-09-2013

Communicating the Vision

So we need to now round off the futures process by transforming the scenarios that have been developed into something that an organisation can adopt and make part of their corporate culture. In essence, what you’re looking for is for the results of the futures process to be accepted by the organisation. 1. Getting People… View Article

Date published: 02-09-2013

Scenario Planning

So far we have been trying to identify some trends and then develop the stories around those trends. We have also covered some tools to help you develop the stories that you will be telling about the possible futures you’ve identified. But scenarios can also play an important role in telling us what our values… View Article

Date published: 26-08-2013

Some thoughts on System Thinking

Last week I looked at some tools to help you tell the stories of your possible, probable and preferable futures. This week I want to touch on an important aspect of Future Studies, systems thinking. Within the context of Future Studies, systems thinking helps us to: understand why things happen the way they do (what… View Article

Date published: 19-08-2013

Formulating Your Story Using Backcasting and the Futures Wheel

As human beings, we love stories. Before we could write, we were making up and passing down stories through the generations about our societies and how we came to be. In so many ways, Future Studies taps into this tradition by encouraging us to develop our own stories of the future. So you’ve analysed your… View Article

Date published: 12-07-2013

Analysing the Trends You’ve Identified

We all have ideas of how we think the future will pan out. Consciously (or even subconsciously) we all have an idea of not only how we think the future will pan out (the probable future), but we also have ideas of possible and preferable futures. For the past couple of weeks we have been… View Article