7 Simple Things I Wish I Knew At 22

What would you tell your 22-year old self? Linkedin asked and…

1 You have done well even to get to this point. Dream of how you’d like things to be, and notice how they are. Love the dream, accept the present.

2 Things will work out, but not always as you’d like. You won’t take every opportunity, but you will take some. You’ll make what you may call mistakes. This is all OK.

3 Do your thing. And then do more things. Your intentions can change the world. This is a glorious tapestry on which you get to write.

4 Go easy on yourself and go easy on others too. They’re trying, even when they seem to make things difficult for you.

5 Review your past performance and see where you can do better. Don’t criticize yourself in the present. Try loving yourself instead.

6 When it feels difficult find a way to know that you will come through. You always do. It’s not the difficulty but your response that can create lasting problems. Keep the end in mind.

7 Imagine you are going to do great work. You will. Believe in yourself, believe in others, and believe in life. We’re in this together.

These 7-points might have helped. While words make a difference, experiencing truths can be more powerful. Our experience at LeadNow is that today’s students and young adults can access wisdom in experiential workshops as these videos show.

As for me, I’m still learning these lessons. What about you?

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