Both feet on the PurpleBeach – A message to those that see things differently

Summer is over and what better way of retaining that Summer feeling than keeping both feet on the PurpleBeach.

PurpleBeach launched in April and with the changing seasons, my thinking has evolved and finally landed on what PurpleBeach will be and focus on for the foreseeable future

PurpleBeach embraces those that see things differently.

Our approach and mission is to expose leaders to people and points of view that stimulate reflective thinking, practical yet new ways of solving problems, personal growth, moments of real inspiration and ultimately success.

Purplebeach Curatorships

We therefore will be inviting personally selected business leaders and provocative thinkers to become curators of PurpleBeach. Curators will have the opportunity to participate in our community and can access our annual gathering, monthly talking heads calls and growing library of research on the latest insights into people innovation. People Innovation as it emerged from our launch is both an area to explore in its own right, a mind-set and includes in it’s remit such wide ranging topics as: redefining business success, alternative ways of running business, 21st Century Leadership, Unlocking Sustainable Innovation, Perspectives from Gen-Y to name but a few.


We will also have a commercial offering, components of which are already being used to great effect with some of the most innovative and interesting business on both sides of the Atlantic. They include:

  • PurpleBeach Workshops. Bespoke ‘you must be there’ experiences. Short, highly creative activities that drive moments of personal and business inspiration.
  • Living Laboratories. Experiments within organisations to understand how to successfully and sustainably introduce new ideas and practices.
  • Master Classes. People innovation interventions for business leaders and HR teams. We encourage practical new approaches and help embed them in a sustainable way.
  • Soundboarding Expert guidance and discussion to help people become more resilient, inspirational and thought provoking leaders.

I look forward to the next part of the PurpleBeach Journey … and to being joined on it by Curators, who not only want to see things differently, but also want to do things differently and more meaningfully.

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PurpleBeach Experience 2020

As many of you will know we usually hold an annual in-person PurpleBeach Experience, but as that’s not possible this year, we have decided to create our very own Boxset around the theme of “new”.

You can watch all our episodes at your leisure. Binge, fast forward, rewind, watch in any order: you are in control of the remote. And let’s face it, the remote is one of the few things we have had control of in recent months!

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