Decision fatigue

Why decisions are tiring 

I am currently de-energised having written a 50,000 word report on professional development. I CAN’T be de-energised, my company is called Energise I fretted! I have just worked out why this is with the help of a book.

The book ‘Willpower: Why self-control is the secret to success’ explores self-control and shows how willpower gives people the strength to persevere and how they lose self-control as their willpower is depleted. Willpower becomes fatigued from over use and your supply of willpower is limited.

Writing lots of words involved lots of decisions; which words to use, what to leave out, what points to make and in what order etc. No wonder I am tired!

Decision making depletes your willpower and once depleted, you find it harder to make decisions. Decision fatigue affects everyone and few people are aware of it.  Often people put off making a decision to maintain energy. When things are uncertain, this can feel like a good thing to do, when it can actually be the worst. Social media giving more people things to make decisions about – communication overload & overwhelm!

A career change is a big decision which is why many people put it off, never start or fear it will be difficult. Willpower and persistence are crucial for making a change. If you need to make a change, having time to think and focus and having support can make a huge difference.

We have had two clients recently successfully transition from the public sector to the private sector, despite all the negative publicity about bias and how difficult this transition can be with employers looking for an ‘exact fit’. Hurrah!

To read more, here is a link to the book: 

5 tips to persist for change 

  1. Be aware of making decisions when your energy is low
  2. Keep fit and eat well to maximise your energy
  3. Break big decisions down into small decisions to make it feel less daunting
  4. Get a career coach to support you in making a decision
  5. Recall a time when you made a big decision and what your success strategy was

Self-reflective question  

What change do I need or want to make and what is stopping me?

Inspiring quote

“Everyone thinks of changing the world but no-one thinks of changing himself.” Leo Tolstoy

Rachel Brushfield is the Talent Liberator from Energise – The Talent Liberation Company. She is a career, talent and L&D strategist and coach and published author. Helping clients create, market and manage a portfolio career is a specialism.

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