Ecosystems, extremes & elasticity

I am delighted that Haydn Shaughnessy, innovation expert and author, is to lead a discussion on decision making at PurpleBeach 2014.

Haydn co-wrote one of my favourite books, The Elastic Enterprise: The New Manifesto for Business Revolution, which looks at how companies like Apple and Amazon have been able to achieve extraordinary successes despite significant economic turbulence and societal change.

The book identifies the new things these businesses are doing that allow them to scale rapidly and successfully enter new markets at low cost. It holds that radical adjacency strategy sits at the core of many of successful modern businesses.

Haydn’s excellent Forbes article provides an introduction to radical adjacency, and shares how companies like CISCO and McLaren are using it to innovate on the fly, redefine core competencies and create business platforms allowing incredible adaptability.

Time spent understanding radical agency strategy is well spent. It has big implications for how we make decisions in an increasingly VUCA world.

Haydn will share original research into how decision making in organisations is changing at our London retreat at the end of April, as well as the implications of these changes to corporate strategy and personal development.

He will lead a discussion focused on appraising innovation projects and decision models for developing the kind of business ecosystems required to address challenges that cannot be solved by businesses and leaders operating on their own.

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