Keep calm & converse @thepurplebeach ‘15

Find new points of view to cope with chaos and complexity

Chaos and complexity is now the norm in business today. Globalisation, new economic powerhouses and the pace of technological change have created significant new challenges and opportunities.

While companies like Apple and Amazon have been able to achieve extraordinary successes despite this turbulence and societal change, most businesses are engulfed by a climate of fear that creates reactionary leadership, short-term decision making and paralysis by analysis.

Faced with the same uncertainty, the successful companies are constantly finding new ways to add value and are innovative in how they organise and motivate their people. The best leaders remain calm under pressure and converse with a range of people to help them to see their world with new perspective. There is much leaders can learn from those who have confronted significant challenges in other walks of life

At PurpleBeach’s third annual Experience, which takes place in London on Tuesday 28 April 2015, we are bringing together six very different conversation partners. Each has looked adversity in the eye and succeeded in high pressure environments.

From war zones to the dance floor, via concert halls, fine dining and the boardroom, our expert partners will help us explore the philosophies and attributes that leaders can use to build more sustainable and successful organisations.

Conversation partners at PurpleBeach Experience 2015

The following leaders will join us in conversation at PurpleBeach in London this April:

  • The Swiss writer and philosopher Alain de Botton (@alaindebotton) has sold six million books on the interaction of culture and modern life. Alain will explore feelings, instinct and inner belief as part of our discussion on the philosophy of everyday life.
  • Soldiers in the British army would joke that they knew they were in trouble when Kate Adie arrived. As the BBC’s chief news correspondent she reported from the Gulf War, the former Yugoslavia and other major war zones. At PurpleBeach Kate will discuss lessons learned from leading teams of journalists in extreme environments.
  • Israeli pianist and composer Orit Wolf knows a thing or two about a big stage. She has played the world’s most prestigious concert halls during her 20 year music career and is now a creative consultant to businesses worldwide. Orit will talk about courage, intuition and the power of non-verbal communication in leadership.
  • Ashley Banjo (@AshleyBanjo) is a street dancer, choreographer and actor.  As the leader of dance troupe Diversity, Ashley won the third series of Britain’s Got Talent and was recently a judge on the Sky talent show Got to Dance. Ashley can talk about the importance of instilling an inner-belief in order to be more successful.
  • For 25 years Jean Gomes (@DPAFusion) has consulted with some of the world’s leading organisations on strategy, leadership, innovation and culture change. Co-author of New York TImes bestseller ‘Be Excellent at Anything: Four Changes to Get More Out of Work and Life’, Jean will discuss how businesses can gain significantly from tapping into people power.
  • Jean-Christophe Novelli (@jc_novelli) is a multi-Michelin star winning chef.  Appointed personal Head Chef to the Rothschild family at 19, he later ran Keith Floyd’s kitchen before opening his first restaurants in 1996. Jean-Christophe will share the secrets for success in a kitchen environment and leading teams in high-pressure situations.

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