Manaslu – The Mountain of the Spirit


32 days in a tent, over 50 km of ropes, over 2 tones of equipment, 144 hrs summit push

Dear All,

I am back in one piece from 8163 meters of Manaslu. The adventure was tougher then I anticipated. My inner-strength, willpower and accepting what is have been stretched to a whole new level. How I could climb for six days on one packet of noodle soup a day is beyond understanding. The stunning sunrise on summit day will stay with me for life. The whiteout experience, as I could not say which way was up or down has transformed my knowing beyond knowledge.

I gained tremendous insights into being fully present, total surrender and mindfulness.

The school. As the budget did not fully close, we start with 2-3 classrooms and then proceed with more. For more fundraising – watch out for a surprise challenge in spring. I appreciate each contribution. If you haven’t yet please donated please do so and pass the link to others:

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