PurpleBeach creates new leadership and innovation services

Since PurpleBeach was founded we have sought to provide business leaders and HR professionals with new experiences and opportunities that generate aha moments of inspiration and help them to grow.

This unique approach has helped hundreds of leaders prepare themselves personally and professionally for the future, created game-changing innovations and enabled businesses to embrace new digital opportunities.

To advance this work we are delighted to announce the launch of two new commercial offerings, each created to help leaders and businesses be more successful in today’s complex economy and better prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

Network Leadership

Today’s exceptional leaders are adaptable, self-aware and collaborative. They thrive on complexity and rely on trusted relationships and networks to make the right decisions and get the job done.

Network Leadership is an online training course providing business leaders and HR professionals with the skills they need to manage complex teams and organisations in today’s dynamic business environment. This is not a guide to networking, it shares an approach to leadership that encourages leaders to develop and leverage strong personal, organisational and strategic networks.

Delegates are quickly shown how to develop strong alliances and build the different types of relationships they need to be better leaders and build more successful businesses.

Insight // Outsight

PurpleBeach’s unique Insight // Outsight consultancy service helps business leaders and HR professionals prepare for the future and deliver the people innovation and cultural change needed to be successful.

It starts by looking at the stories businesses tell about themselves and how they can be developed to take advantage of opportunities that lie ahead. It combines futurism with comprehensive metrics to help define the roles organisations might play, evaluate business readiness and guide the change programmes required to achieve a desired future state.

This customisable, consultancy led approach to digital transformation applies the lean-startup approach to business problems and is already making a positive impact at several major multinational organisations and smaller businesses.

To find out more about PurpleBeach’s Network Leadership and Insight // Outsight offerings, please get in touch via contactus@purplebeach.com.

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PurpleBeach Experience 2020

As many of you will know we usually hold an annual in-person PurpleBeach Experience, but as that’s not possible this year, we have decided to create our very own Boxset around the theme of “new”.

You can watch all our episodes at your leisure. Binge, fast forward, rewind, watch in any order: you are in control of the remote. And let’s face it, the remote is one of the few things we have had control of in recent months!

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