Reflection time and more clarity on what PurpleBeach is…

It has taken almost a month post-launch, with input from various folks (thank you!), reflection (lots of it), discussion, debate, processing your launch feedback (thank you again!), reading and re-reading the various blogs that have been written (hugely inspiring), watching the event footage and patiently waiting to see what emerges from the many moments of just forcing myself to be quiet, waiting to see what will emerge (this was probably the hardest part, yet most rewarding) …

What is slowly emerging though for me, is ever more clarity on what PurpleBeach could strive to become.

A couple of key themes emerged from the time spent together at our first PurpleBeach:

  • The humanization of business (sorely needed), which included, but is not limited to the need for more authenticity, intimacy and meaningful connections.
  • Exploring alternative ways of running businesses.
  • Redefining success (which could be a topic to be explored on its own or a subset of the 2 above). Focusing on both the personal and organizational, the need for conscious global leadership, which will increasingly require a high level of comfort with the complex reality within which leaders and businesses need to operate.
  • Alternative perspectives on inclusivity
  • Unlocking sustainable innovation
  • Digital Talent, Entrepreneurship … or an Analog Future
  • People Innovation – mindset, fad or substance?

As I watched …

The hours of unedited launch footage …

This video (by Al), or

James’s take on the Launch (on our homepage)…

As I (re)read the AHA’s, tweets and blogs by …



Margaret and




Margaret and


– See more at:

I kept sensing the opportunity that could emerge from sharing experiences underpinned by research, science, the logical and analytical … as well as, the playful, creative, artistic and mindful. With a healthy dose of the unexpected thrown in. (For those present at the Launch … remember the Dom Beatbox and the tap dancing Pulse Collection?)

Could it be that at PurpleBeach we have the opportunity to bring together business leaders and thinkers, to share experiences that will transform thinking, change perceptions and ultimately lead to new ways of doing business … of achieving business results?

Perhaps …  

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PurpleBeach Experience 2020

As many of you will know we usually hold an annual in-person PurpleBeach Experience, but as that’s not possible this year, we have decided to create our very own Boxset around the theme of “new”.

You can watch all our episodes at your leisure. Binge, fast forward, rewind, watch in any order: you are in control of the remote. And let’s face it, the remote is one of the few things we have had control of in recent months!

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