Silence is the bottom line

There is an oceanic depth of peace and power always available if we stop for 1 minute and focus on our breath.

That’s it – one minute. A personal 1 minute practice to regulate your nervous system, move your body into a feeling of safety and relaxation, ready to be more open, alert and creative.

This is valuable anytime but especially when you are about to have an important conversation or meeting. It will allow you to put aside what ever was in your mind, and drop in to a place of safety and trust within yourself; like finding your own inner core, your source of who you are, your own frequency – a resting place where you are both energized and at peace. Where you feel no need to grasp for something whether it is attention, acknowledgement, love, affection and no need to defend or protect because you feel this fundamental security and stability resting in the core of yourself…in the silence at the heart of you.

Breathing in through your nose, take a deep breath from your belly, lifting the air all the way up to your chest, count to 6 and pause.

Slowly exhale out your mouth, lips just slightly parted, so the air flutters over your lips, letting the breath all the way out so your belly is contracted. Rest at the bottom. Listen. Notice the silence. Like the silence between two waves. Then wait for your body to invite the next breath. Again count to 6 and pause at the top…then exhale slowly once again.

Rest in the silence and wait for your body to invite your breath back in and surrender to the motion. Then rest into your body’s natural rhythm.


Next time you start a meeting invite everyone into 1 minute of silence. No need to give them breathing instructions – the silence itself will do the work. Discover how 1 minute of silence can alter the energy in the room. Your individual silent awareness is exponentially increased through sharing this moment collectively. It is simple to do and can be used to establish the boundary of a meeting or conversation by formally inviting participants to bring their attention to this moment, to this conversation, to this meeting – by demarcating it with 1 minute of silence, instead of being pre-occupied with the last conversation, text or email that just arrived.

Right now locate a place where you know you won’t be disturbed for 1 minute. It is important for you to know and feel confident that you wont be disturbed. This ensures that you feel safe – a very important feeling state for your body. Now, set the time on your smartphone for 1 minute. That’s all. 1 Minute.

Discover how this simple practice establishes mutual respect, improves communication and in general enhances the quality of a meeting or conversation. Imagine the increase in productivity if this practice became institutionalized as part of our culture…

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PurpleBeach Experience 2020

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