The Global Leaders Journey, Kenya

You will work with children and adults in schools and social spaces in around Nairobi. You will be coached and challenged to make a difference every day, during an intensive week. You will meet great people who are accomplishing extraordinary things. Is it time for you?

You will visit social enterprises in Kibera, Africa’s biggest slum. You will coach people who are working hard in really difficult circumstances, trying to find away forward, often in some form of informal self-employment or microbusiness. Could you help them to move forward?

You will coach and mentor one-to-one through the week and, if you wish, beyond. You will lead classes in schools and with people working hard in unimaginable conditions. What difference wi I l you make?

You will have opportunities to lead classes in schools. What will happen as you teach a class of 14-year old Kenyan schoolchildren? How will you connect: will you inspire? You will also be inspired by local leaders and by your own vision of what you could do here.

You will review your work every day and get and give feedback from other Global Leaders. There will also be a space for you to get a reflective coaching session each day. This is designed to be the journey of a lifetime, enabling you to take your leadership to another level.

There will be some work to do in advance. We’ll explore what you want to give and get from this experience, we’ll give you some background links, you’ll have some classes to prepare.

You will be met at Nairobi airport on the evening of Saturday 10th June, or earlier in the day if you prefer. The in-country part of the Global Leaders Journey concludes on the evening of Friday 16th June, and you can be home on Saturday, but you can opt to stay in Kenya, e.g., for the weekend. We can supply options.

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