There is no excuse not to try

We live in exciting times. Never has it been easier for somebody with an inspiring idea to start a movement, gain critical mass and turn his idea into reality. There is constantly growing multitude of crowd-funding platforms that allow entrepreneurs, innovators and dreamers to showcase their vision and get the crowd to fund their projects from films, to businesses, fundraisers or social enterprises.

It’s time for crowdfunding to evolve

We started because we think that it is time for the crowd-funding industry to evolve. We believe that the wealth of the crowd is not limited to their wallets. While funding is essential for most successful start-ups it often is the mentorship, advice and promotion they receive from individuals and organisations that turn their venture into a success.  We designed kriticalmass to do exactly that. Enable individuals with and inspiring to not only ask for funds but for essential skills, advocacy or volunteers.

An inspiring example

Ross and Hugo Turner for example are English Twin brothers who dedicate their life to raising funds and awareness for Spinal Research after one of them was only millimeters away from being paralyzed as a result of diving accident. This incident change their lifes and the twins are now aiming to track 340 miles across the Greenland’s frozen ice cap to raise £300.000 on for spinal research. In celebration of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s famous 1914 ‘Endurance’ expedition one of the Twins will be wearing 100-year-old replica equipment while the other one will wear the modern gear.

Besides the individual funders who, three weeks into the project, have already helped the twins raise over £4.000, various experts and organization are offering essential support to power their story and quest. People like polar explorer George Bullard who is mentoring them, brands like Rab who are donating the modern outdoor clothing, Crockett & Jones who are recreating the original Shackleton boots and the scientist at City College who are measuring the Twins vitals to compare the impact of the new kit over the old kit. was build to power these inspiring individuals like the Twins and their vision, utilizing the complete crowd and ecosystem to power good.

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