Turn Your Business (and your Thinking) Upside Down

Over the last few years we have seen a major shift in the way business is being perceived by the world.  People are looking for new ways of working, ways that embrace traditional values and also meet the deeper needs of everyone, not just the shareholders and those at the top.  In sharing the Being approach versus the Doing approach, I am not suggesting we remove all the Doing and just operate in the Being, as that would not work.  What I am advocating is to add more and more of the Being into your business and removing those aspects of Doing that do not serve you, such as command and control, win-lose, self serving and so on.

The blue pyramid represents the Doing view, the yellow pyramid represents the Being view.  Consider the two columns and ask yourself, “Which column would I like to have more of in my business?

What can be observed in Doing and Being businesses (not always, and not all extremes, of course)



Old school

Thinking paradigm

New world

Head and hands

What gets used

Heart and soul

Typically Win – Lose

View of Customer

Win – Win or no deal

Knowledge based answers


Wisdom based solutions

Fear, blame


Trust, personal ownership, accountable

Asleep, closed


Awake, open

Self serving

Service levels

Service to others

Work, just doing a job

Feels like

Play, life

Separate, disconnected


Collaboration, connected, in it together

Failure is not an option


Failure is encouraged, to learn and grow


Drains or radiators of energy?


Only look outside

Where are the answers?

Look inside ourselves first

Thinking, thoughts

Consciousness levels

Intuition, feelings, emotions

Control, told what to do, wait for orders

What to do?

Personal choice, creative, innovative

Running harder



Targets, results

Primary driver. focus

Serving others, enabling

Rules, do as you are told


Responsibilities, do what is right, needed

Adult to Child, I’m OK, You’re not OK


Adult to Adult, I’m Ok, You’re OK

Burn out





Joy, being in the flow



Self actualisation

Never enough, dog eat dog world


Abundance, enough for all of us


Consciousness mindset

Present, being in the moment

Short term


Long term




Real personality hidden by mask(s)

Personality that shows up?

Vulnerable, being ourselves

Suppress self

What part of self?

Wholehearted, bring all of self

Slaves to the system

Feels like

Freedom and choice

Long hours, set hours


Flexible working

Office based

Location, location, location

You decide where you work best

Closed, always done it this way


Always open to new ways

Top heavy, closed, secrets, systems


Flat, open, transparent, trust, authentic

Ego and fear based, guarded

Interactions, conversations

Respected, trusted

Only from the boss, who takes them


Valued from everyone, acknowledged

Play small, keep your head down

Speaking up/out

Be your whole self, always

So which one would YOU choose?

Turn Your Business Upside Down, thanks to idea by Roy Duffy

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