Turn Your Own World (through your Thinking) Upside Down

In my other blog Turn Your Business Upside Down I was exploring what businesses can do to make a difference to the way they operate. In this blog, I wish to take that further and make it more personal. How can I change my own world and in turn personally make a difference in the world. By setting the intention to think from a different state can make a profound change to those around you, the connections and interactions you make, and how people respond to you. At a deeper level you will notice your world slowly changing and moving more towards a Being state, rather than totally in the Doing state.

You could ask yourself, “Which column would I like to have more of in my life?

What can be observed in a Doing and Being world (not always, and not all extremes, of course)

Take all we can, give little Planet, natural resources Respect, replace, regard, care
Blame, victim, slave, fear Culture Owning, freedom, choice, love, accountable
Few eat, many starving Food Everyone eats
Cure or fix the problem Healthcare focus Understanding and prevention
Rising debt, loans with interest Financial Fair exchange of energy
Rich get richer, poor get poorer Economy Greater equality and fairness
Told what to think Education Shown how to think for ourselves
Control, wait for orders do as you are told What to do? Do what is right, what is needed
Only from rulers, who take the glory Ideas Valued from everyone, acknowledged
Knowledge based answers Solutions Wisdom based solutions
Short term Timescales Long term, for my children’s children’s….
Unsustainable Longevity Sustainable
Flown in, modified Purchases Local, home grown, free range
Scarcity, dog eat dog world Outlook Abundance, enough for all
Adult to Child, I’m OK, You’re not OK Behaviour Adult to Adult, I’m OK, You’re OK
Stress and burn out Results and impact Joy, being in the flow, expression
I win Success We all win
Real personality hidden by mask(s) Personality that shows up? Vulnerable, being ourselves
Suppress self What part of self shown? Wholehearted, bring all of self
Asleep, closed State of mind Awake, open
Play small, keep your head down Speaking up/out Be your whole self, express yourself
Separate, disconnected, just me Connections with others Collaboration, connected, in it together, we
Ego and fear based, guarded Interactions, conversations Respected, trusted, equals
Typically Win – Lose Relationships with others Win – Win or no deal, equality
Only look outside Where are the answers? Look inside ourselves first
Failure is not an option Response to failure Failure is encouraged, to learn and grow
Always running harder, never enough time Activity Thoughtful, balanced
Thinking, thoughts. head Consciousness levels Intuition, feelings, emotions, heart
Survival Maslow focus Self actualisation
Future Conscious mindset Present, being in the moment
Machine, technology Connections Face to face, collaborative
Top heavy, closed, secrets, systems Hierarchy Flat, open, transparent, trust, authentic
Head and hands What gets used most Heart and soul
Targets, results Primary driver. focus Enabling, engaging
Work, just doing a job, slaves to the system Working feels like Play, life, freedom and choice
Pile high, sell cheap Products Quality and of value
Forced obsolescence Product lifecycle Long lasting
Reactive Decision making Responsive
Self serving Service delivered Service to others


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