PurpleBeach Blog with Annemie Ress

PurpleBeach Blog

with Annemie Ress

Who needs balance when you can embrace extremes?

Debates around how people can best balance their professional and personal needs – the elusive work/life balance – have been running for decades. Despite innovative forms of industry, new technologies allowing work to be done from almost anywhere and more ‘family friendly’ policies, we seem to be no nearer achieving it. The search for balance… View Article

PurpleBeach Team Blog

PurpleBeach Team Blog

by various authors

You can’t give what you don’t have, so invest in yourself first!

By : Orlagh Hunt

3 of the intrepid PurpleBeach team, Tanya Cordrey, Olivia Gribaudo and Orlagh Hunt gave their views on the hot topic of Mindfulness recently at the third annual Everywoman Forum: Advancing Women in Technology. The forum welcomed over 600 delegates from around the world who came to hear from some leading thinkers in the international technology… View Article

PurpleBeach Guest Blog

PurpleBeach Guest Blog

by various authors

5th Annual PurpleBeach Experience

By : Keri-Ann Stanton, LifeDesign

Purple Beach. The 5th annual gathering. This time at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London. Discreetly signposted by two purple balloons. And the 80 invited guests only would give nothing away to the virgins among us – save to say be open and expect nothing. And the C-suiters did just that. Founder, Annemie Ress, all… View Article

Thinking Ahead with Warren Weertman

Thinking Ahead

with Warren Weertman

Intellectual Property and Future Studies: Determining What’s What and Who Owns What

Today I am wearing my lawyer and futurist hats, so I’m 1/3rd of the way to wearing De Bono’s 6 Thinking Hats. One of the issues that is quite important when running a futures exercise is to deal with the intellectual property (or “IP”) that is generated as a result of the exercise. The IP… View Article

Beach Writings with Richard Davies

Beach Writings

with Richard Davies

Oller Oller People

Recently I attended the opening of Jerwood Open Forest, an exhibition to explore the relationship between art and the environment run in partnership with Forestry Commission England. I was fascinated by a project created by Adam James, a performance artist based in London. Adam took nine performers for eight days in October to Sherwood Pine… View Article