Work We Are Proud Of

We pride ourselves on helping our clients tackle their biggest issues through a completely unique approach to problem-solving.   New perspectives, non-linear thinking and just a little chaos can unlock creativity that will futureproof an organisation against its challenges.

Here’s a little about some of the projects we’re focused on right now and some of the kind words we’ve heard about our work.  If you like what you read and want to see how we can help you unlock your potential we’d love to hear from you.


Start-up looking to scale and sell

Challenge: This founder-led organisation needed to reinvent towards a structure that would yield exponential growth to be attractive to buyers.

Approach: We spent intensive time with the Founder, supporting them with a new leadership team and coaching them on the skills needed for exponential leadership.  Together, we then created a full HR capability, enabling the organisation to lead and implement a full organisational review and make further improvements.

Outcome: This new way of thinking delivered successful growth, scale and ultimately achieved a successful acquisition.

Sector: Insurance 

Market-leader looking to future-proof

Challenge: This industry giant wanted to innovate to unlock exponential growth, whilst satisfying shareholders that were content with a steady business.

 Approach: We coached the full leadership team, helping them to understand how they could work together to innovate across the organisation.  Together we set up an innovation hub, identified 3 workstreams to deliver exponential growth and set up an ecosystem to support external partnerships so the hub would continue to evolve.

Outcomes:  Built at speed, our global ecosystem and senior advisory board generated new sources of growth through three innovation workstreams.  Back-end processes were also automated to enable the full implementation of data, digital strategy and capabilities.


Global organisation seeking new growth

Challenge: This global giant wanted to supplant steady linear growth with exponential growth by establishing innovative workstreams.

Approach: Having engaged and coached the leadership team, together we created a bespoke growth acceleration programme with intensive coaching of participants.  We drove awareness and exposure of these ideas to relevant external partners and networks to see them graduate to fruition. 

Outcome: Within a year, one growth acceleration programme soon became four.  We have since designed an additional internal accelerator programme for new product development and developed the organisational Massive Transformative Purpose.  We are helping the client bed this in at present and they have also asked us to work with other parts of their organisation.

Sector: Media

Organisational transformation to embrace digital 

Challenge: In the midst of the digital transformation era, this media corporation wanted to build stronger bonds between its digital and analogue teams.

Approach:   We started by coaching the senior leadership team before creating an individually tailored development plan for them to build capability and engagement across previously polarised functions.

Outcome:  Once an effective partnership between teams was established, they were able to create a pioneering digital website and deliver online content that would significantly increase global readership.