Leadership Through the Pandemic Brunch Discussion

The changing context of leadership and impact of the current crisis

Few events have put leadership to the test so ubiquitously, swiftly and relentlessly as the last few months.

What are the implications for leadership and the styles and approaches that are most likely to endure while leaders reconstruct the workplace?
What are some of those leadership behaviours we want to see more of and those we want to leave behind?

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Strengthening the Innovation Chain

Everyone defines innovation differently, and there is rarely a single measureof success. Similarly, there are few “universal truths” when it comes to planning and delivering game changing innovation – with one exception (in our opinion).

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Business As Usual Brunch Discussion

Business as usual?

Naleena lead an insightful discussion about the concept of ‘Business As Usual’ through the current health crisis, and the many factors that have had to change in the way we do business.

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