Kate Noakes

Kate Noakes

Trying to find the energy and purpose to get through the day? Looking to be more effective in making things happen? Wanting others to come with you on your journey? People consulting has suddenly got interesting and it’s about to take you on a whole new journey of discovery, growth and sustained improvement……

Kate is a Character, Culture and Business Coach, working with organisations, teams and leaders to help each of them to connect with their hearts and bring all the power that lies within to their lives and their work.

Using a behaviour measurement programme called HeartStyles, she supports those she works with to achieve more than they could ever could have imagined by growing their understanding of ‘why we do what we do’ and finding out whether or not their current strategies for life are serving them well. The rewards of such journeys of self-discovery and transformation are greater effectiveness at work and beyond, as well as the opportunity for greater well-being, health and happiness.

Such transformational journeys benefit from Kate’s professional track record leading change programmes for British Airways, Alpha Flight Services, the NHS and Pizza Hut, where she mastered how to develop customer and service experiences, whilst unlocking performance through people and delivering big commercial results. She has experience in business coaching, facilitating continuous improvement programmes, as well as partnering with Fred Sirieix of BBC2 ‘Service’, ‘Million Pound Menus’ and Ch4 ‘First Dates’ and ‘SnackMasters’ to develop customer service methodology and models.

Companies from all over the world and from across the sectors: including Construction, Hospitality, Police, Education and Legal; are now joining this heart-led, customer-led performance revolution. Names like Willmott Dixon, KFC, CrossCountry Trains and West Midlands Police are finding out what it means to grow the character and capabilities of their leaders from the ‘inside out’, whilst building sustainable cultural legacies that deliver results.

Kate is the owner and CEO of Ninety10, a consultancy that specialises in delivering change to the bottom-line through customer and people transformations. She loves to work with start-ups going into their accelerated phase of growth, as well as the established big names looking to find that next platform for improvement. Such is her passion for helping others live and lead with heart, she continues to make time to coach private individuals too so that can unlock their own personal journeys of growth. It’s about making things better one heart at a time.

Kate also speaks engagingly about heart-led business and personal transformations – whilst writing many thought-provoking leadership articles about this subject. She’s currently writing a book about her experiences parenting her inspirational autistic son and how much he has taught her about what we can all gain by embracing difference and what we can learn from him about living better lives if we live more from our hearts.

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