The changing context of leadership and impact of the current crisis

Brunch Date: May 22, 2020

Thank you to Priyanka Banerji-Bhatia for leading our brunch on leadership and the current crisis.

Few events have put leadership to the test so ubiquitously, swiftly and relentlessly as the last few months.

  • What are the implications for leadership and the styles and approaches that are most likely to endure while leaders reconstruct the workplace?
  • What are some of those leadership behaviours we want to see more of and those we want to leave behind?

Watch above as Priyanka goes over the main points that were discussed during our Friday morning brunch session.

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Priyanka Banerji-Bhatia
Priyanka Banerji-Bhatia

Having a proven track record in enabling transformation and scaling businesses through creative people processes and meaningful employee experiences. Priyanka is adept at assessing the business need and helps leaders develop People solutions suited to their specific vision and strategy, bringing expertise, curiosity and instinct. With 20 years’ experience in leading organisations, she has witnessed and contributed to their growth, demonstrating results in the areas of organisation effectiveness, change, talent, culture, inclusion, wellness, coaching and leadership effectiveness, with methods that have driven productivity and engagement.

Priyanka’s diverse mindset, which is a product of living and working across geographies and industries, brings adaptability, agility and creativity as well as a sophisticated understanding of people processes and initiatives. In her roles as People Director, she has always been recognised for bringing a strong leadership voice to the table, while acting as a leadership coach who brings empathy, courage and candour to all interactions.

She launches people initiatives as a holistic product launch – through insight generation, innovation, collaboration, communication and appropriate incentivisation. She understands how critical it is to acquire and build the right talent and capability in the business.

She values the power of teams in driving productivity and belonging and has been instrumental in building top team effectiveness as well as crafting a strong culture and employee engagement plan in the businesses she works with.