The diversity agenda at risk under COVID-19

Brunch Date: June 19, 2020


Thank you to Stephanie and Brigitte for leading our brunch discussion on "Diversity and Inclusion", here is what they had to say on the brunch...

The PurpleBeach event brought together participants from small and large organisations, with diverse backgrounds and affinity with our topic The diversity agenda at risk under COVID-19 – How do we enable organisations across the globe to mitigate bias and create a level playing field to continue to accelerate diversity and gender balance?’.

The group reflected on COVID and Black Live Matters, as ‘seminal events’ impacting all generations across the globe. Participants highlighted the risk of the diversity agenda taking a ‘back seat’ and the concern that COVID might exacerbate gender gaps and create profound and durable setbacks for women in the workplace.

All acknowledged the need to embrace intersectionality, and to leverage current events’ momentum as catalyst to drive long term changes, become ‘comfortable with the uncomfortable’ and enable new conversations and debates across groups and organisations in all sectors.

Our host closed on a conversation on the ‘New Normal’ in a post-COVID world, requiring new thinking, with Millennials shaping long term changes and holding older generations accountable to change the world. Data and Technology are crucial to accelerate and scale change and go beyond good intentions, and solutions like’s Bias Detection EngineTM can help on that journey.

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Date: June 19, 2020

Time: 11:30 am

- 12:30 pm (GMT)

Thank you to Stephanie and Brigitte, co-partners of Ellpha, for leading an interesting discussion where we explored the impact COVID-19 is having on Diversity and Inclusion.

Diversity is such a broad topic with so much to talk about. It is incredibly important to have these conversations, as arguably it has taken a back seat due to Covid-19 in recent months.

With the Black Lives Matter movement being prominent, even more attention is being focussed on the importance of diversity, not only surrounding race but all groups that are experiencing a form of discrimination.

Throughout the brunch, we heard a range of insights and it is definitely a conversation to be continued.

The diversity agenda is at risk of taking a back seat, with many women losing their jobs, women talents at all levels having to juggle work, home-schooling kids and childcare risking to fall behind their male counterparts in 2020 talent performance evaluations and career developments. In the UK, the government paused the 2019 Gender Pay Gap reporting. 

How do we enable organisations across the globe to mitigate bias and create a level playing field to continue to accelerate diversity and gender balance?

We will explore and discuss mitigation strategies and share Ellpha’s vision and solution to limit bias in Talent Management.

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