The Future of Recruitment

Join Scott Davies for an interactive discussion to explore the future of recruitment.

Date: July 10, 2020

Time: 11:30 am

- 12:30 pm (GMT)

Join Scott Davies to explore the question; what is the future of recruitment? Take part in an insightful interactive discussion to talk about how the current health crisis has impacted recruitment and the measures that need to be taken to adjust in the future. 

Scott Davies is the Co-Founder & Director at Talent Cloud. In 2007, Scott started a recruitment business in the healthcare sector and in 2016 he was named Recruitment Agency Leader of the Year and had a team of 80 people across three offices in the UK. 

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Scott Davies

Co-Founder & Director at Talent Cloud

A proven track record as an entrepreneur and leader in recruitment and technology; but actually I just like doing things I’m passionate about really well.

I started as a graduate developer and worked on some fantastic projects with some fantastic people, we did big data (before it was a thing) and Business Intelligence back when everyone called it MI. I worked with teams in Sheffield, London, Hong Kong and the US. I loved coding and technology then and I still do now.

Back in 2007 I decided to do something new. I started a recruitment business in the healthcare sector. We did things differently to the others out there (or so I was told), although in reality I just think we did things the right way. We were open and honest, transparent and fair. We connected great people with great companies and secured them regular shift work. We also made financial savings in the region of £30M+ for the NHS.

I was named Recruitment Agency Leader of the Year in 2016 and had a team of 80 people across three offices in the UK. I sold the business twice, once to Private Equity in 2014 and then fully exited in late 2017 via a secondary MBO. We achieved valuations of £17M and £24M along the way. It was time for something new

I believe the recruitment industry today is fundamentally broken and needs to change.

Enter Talent Cloud and both of which combine our professional services wrapped around TribePad’s award-winning recruitment technology platforms. We are open and honest, transparent and fair and solely focused on connecting awesome talent with amazing companies.

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