VRtuoso Breakfast

Join PurpleBeach as we talk with VRtuoso about virtual reality and how they are bringing it to the mainstream.

Date: January 28, 2021

Time: 9:00 am

- 10:30 am (GMT)

VRtuoso is a virtual reality presentation software solution enabling in-house teams to quickly and easily create guided online and offline immersive interactive training experiences and sales & marketing business presentations in real time.

The enterprise VR applications for VRtuoso are endless;  with the two key areas being training and marketing/sales across a wide range of industry sectors.

Examples of use applications include:

  • Audits, walkthroughs and inspections
  • L&D and site training
  • Remote selling and marketing
  • On-site expertise, knowledge and skills acquisition
  • Internal corporate events and showcases

2020 has been a groundbreaking year at VRtuoso. Immersive learning has moved from being a ‘nice-to-have’ option, to becoming the ‘most effective way’ to learn. In this COVID era it has also become the most scalable method. Vrtuoso have supported many Enterprise teams (L&D, H&S, Transformation, Innovation, Customer Services, Operations among others) to think differently about how they deliver learning outcomes that are futuristic and relevant.

This breakfast session will focus on:

  1. Why VR is the right platform for building new age, scalable training? Using case studies from their clients like BT, Pfizer, Net-a-Porter, BP, Amazon, Iveco, Philip Morris, O2, and Leonardo Military Defence this session will showcase how leaders within L&D, Employee Engagement, Health & Safety are using our platform.
  2. Interactive Q&A session 
    Learn how VR can help you train your staff 4 times faster than traditional methods? Discover why VR learners are 275% more confident to apply skills learned after training and 4 times more focused than their e-learning peers.
  3. VR live platform demo 
    See thier market leading platform and features in action.

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