PurpleBeach Experience 2014



Founder PurpleBeach

Marcus du Sautoy

Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science

Kevin Dutton

Author The Wisdom of Psychopaths

Jean Gomes

Chairman The Energy Project Europe

Jacqui Grey

MD Europe The Neuroleadership Group

Kyra Maya Phillips

Author The Misfit Economy

Lawrence Bloom

Former Chairman Davos World Economic Forum

Orit Wolf

World Renowned Pianist & Composer

Daniel Ludevig

Founder and Director of MOVE

Haydn Shaugnessy

Renowned author and Research Fellow

Mikka Salavuo

Expert in social learning, creativity, motivation and social technologies

Paul Vincent Cable

Founder of The 100 Hours

Rachel Farley

Digital Executive Search

Rob Fitzpatrick

Tech entrepreneur, author, and partner at FounderCentric

Susanna Halonen

Happiness Coach

Tendayi Viki

Organizational Psychology and Entrepreneurial Innovation

Zahira Jaser

Founder InsideOut

Cesar Gamio

Chopra Center, Master Educator


The experience will be a coming together of conversation and creativity around six core conversation topics; with the ultimate aim of inspiring courage and action in the real-world.

  • Creating the right circumstances with a diverse mix of people.
  • Six conversations that will prepare you for the future.
  • Provocative and inspirational conversation partners.


Because the conversation topics chosen cover the areas, which in future will most impact individual and collective, personal and business activities. The topics will focus on the future of: Leadership, Innovation, Decision making, Passion, Courage and Learning.

What else?

In addition to joining in with these conversations, you will also have the opportunity to experience, act and engage with the key topics in unique ways.

The overall experience will combine the benefits of attending multiple events on the topics covered, but getting it all in a day and a half.

You will leave with practical insights and personal actions all grounded in the real-world. An experience not to be missed.”


Attendees sign-up to take part in at least one group activity (or simply relax on the beach and network)

Do You Want to be Male or Female?
Join an innovative conversation on diversity, gender, male and female traits and how this impacts on innovation and leadership.
(Rachel Farley)

Participate in an irreverent and innovative workshop that will release creativity that you never knew you had. In this improvisation workshop you will use storytelling techniques to revel in the absurd. Using a combination of games and acting skills you will be led through a cornucopia of ideas and scenarios that celebrate the playfulness and imagination that lives within all of us.

And Then There Was The Lean Start-Up
Perspectives from the Start-Up world. An exploration of leadership, innovation, decision making, courage, passion and learning.
(Rob Fitzpatrick)

Quality Conversations: How We Learn – Neuroscience and Technololgy
(Jacqui Grey and Miikka Salavuo)

5 Keys to Achieving Total Well-being
A comprehensive scientific study of people in more than 150 countries revealed 5 universal elements that shape our lives. During the course of the session, these 5 key aspects will be revealed. Participants will learn what successful people in the world do to thrive in key areas and will also discover how to boost their own well-being in all 5 areas along with techniques to effectively manage stress and anxiety.
(Cesar Gamio)

Leader or Follower? – An Innovative Way to Manage Yourself
Are you a leader or a follower? During most of your career and life you will be simultaneously in the position of leader and follower, so what are the important skills to succeed in both? Is the role of leadership over-glorified? Join this innovative workshop and learn to write your own positive development plan. Become your own leader.
(Zahira Jaser)

Venue Details

We will be hosting our PurpleBeach Experience 2014 at :

RADA Studios
16 Chenies Street,
London, WC1E 7EX

The PurpbeBeach Experience 2014 in London will change the way we approach business today and in the future.

At PurpleBeach we do things differently and you won’t just hear from typical speakers about how to think outside the box!

We’re bringing together the finest minds from the world of science, performance, psychology, anthropology, sociology, and the corporate world, to challenge your senses, develop your understanding and inspire you to build better and more effective businesses and communities.

Please contact us at contactus@purplebeach.com if you would like to discuss anything in more detail.