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What we do

A unique way for teams to understand the digital ecosystems around the world. We work with you to build experiences which are not just great team building events but establish a digital ‘way of life’ for critical teams and projects.

The most successful digital disruptors of today thrive because their employees immerse themselves in the ethos they want to build. Our aim is to provide curated experiences which help teams reinvent themselves as digital influencers. They will feel the passion, creativity and ‘reality’ of being in a digital hub without the impracticality of actually going there.

And as is the tradition of BookEatLove – we get your teams to bond, learn and have fun. And did we say gourmet food is involved? Intrigued? You should be. That’s not the only surprise in store.

If you want to know what is really going on in the key digital hubs around the world, and get your teams up to speed in the way digital talent across the world works – come, enjoy and immerse yourselves.

The Silicon Valley Experience: ‘Chilli’ dogs with a bone

The city which started it all. The mecca of entrepreneurship, investment and technology. As other digital hubs across the globe nip at it’s heels, what do these go-getters have up their sleeves to counter the attack. How are they waking up to the social craters which are rising with alarming regularity, threatening to swallow the surface altogether? Behind the driverless cars and moon-landing plans, what is happening in talent campuses across the 101 cities of the valley which is a closely guarded secret your teams can’t afford to not know.

The Tel Aviv Experience: Kosher and proud

They say you can’t even go to lunch without bumping into a founder, engineer or investor in Tel Aviv. The goalposts for start-up success, especially around AI and cybersecurity, have been moved so far ahead by these geek goliaths – that it’s not even a race anymore. How does the rest of world cope with this quiet self confidence? Is there even a point in competing? And most importantly, what part does the military play in this?

The Bangalore Experience: Death by Dosa

The chilled vibe of this thriving city is always in juxtaposition with the weight of responsibility on it’s slender shoulders as India’s ‘Silicon Valley’. By 2020, a recent McKinsey study says, India will become the single largest tech cluster on the planet — overtaking Silicon Valley — with 2 million IT professionals, 6 million indirect IT jobs, and $80 billion in IT exports. What are the key ingredients of this success, what are the fallouts talent here avoids, what are the lessons for us if our teams are to keep up?