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NLI’s vision is to transform leadership through neuroscience.

The world of 21st Century leadership is well documented as being complex, demanding and 24/7.  We now know that this is not optimal for performance – put simply it is not ‘brain healthy’.   Our brains require quiet, reflection and good sleep, the very things that often evade us in the stress of daily working lives.

The NeuroLeadership Institute (NLI), is a leading global research, consulting, and training organization and the pioneer of bringing neuroscience to leadership. Since its inception, almost 20 years ago, the Institute has united the world’s foremost neuroscientists, leadership researchers, and organizational practitioners with the purpose of transforming how we think, develop, and perform.

With operations worldwide, the Institute provides unique brain-­?based, process-­?focused, and outcome-­? driven methodologies and frameworks that help individuals and organizations facilitate positive change  and lead more effectively. Organized through three key branches, NLI provides a customized approach to Applied Neuroscience.

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  1. One key technique (part of our unique learning and change practice) that can calm a cognitively overloaded brain, increase focus and help to regulate emotions is mindfulness practice.  No longer the province of the hippy, it is now recognized as a helpful tool in the leadership armoury.  How would it feel to be grounded, focused and happy at work, successfully negotiating politics and mitigating against the challenges of our lives today.
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