Redefining the boundaries of talent

Within a traditional organisation, it is often thought that everyone who works for them must be permanently hired, with everyone coming into work every day as a fixed team.

However, we are beginning to see a shift in the way we do business which has been accelerated by the pandemic, forcing us to work when it is possible and safe to do so, wherever and however we can. These adaptations have been crucial to many businesses’ survival, bringing about a sudden realisation that companies may not be as digitally well-equipped as they should be.

As many organisations have proved over the last year, it is possible to work anywhere, at any time, with anyone using whatever means necessary, and using this notion could be the beginning to redefining the boundaries of talent. By embracing and continuing to implement the changes to our way of working introduced due to the pandemic, it gives companies a competitive advantage to attract the best talent possible.

A community can be created whereby organisations can tap into their connections when they need them. Whether it’s for a project, a month or just a day, they can be brought in to deliver what they specialise in, and then let go until the next time.

However, for people to produce their best work, they must feel connected to who they are working for, which is why it is important to create and maintain a community, keeping those who are not permanent members feeling motivated and engaged with the outcomes of the organisation. Network engagement is a fundamental approach that provides a platform for maintaining these relationships and can be achieved digitally or through physical activities.

As this way of business develops, talent will begin to have many options and opportunities when it comes to who they work for, so taking the time to build a successful network will be crucial in making sure those who work for you remain motivated to continue.

Here at PurpleBeach, we have already begun working in this way and have accrued many tips and pieces of advice on how to successfully transition to this way of working. We would be happy to help, so if you feel as though your organisation could benefit from this concept, get in touch!

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