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We are passionate believers in the power of partnering with the global start-up community. To this end, we are including 4 Start-ups in our Bottle for you! 

  • VRtuouso – Why you have to have VRtuouso
  • HysiLabs
  • Hypha
  • Cellavate – waiting on content


VRtuoso is a real-time content authoring and training platform built for enterprises . VRtuoso has democratised VR across organizations, so that anyone who can use Powerpoint can use VRtuoso to create, deliver, & consume ROI driven, measureable immersive VR training that can be integrated across an LMS or distributed across mobile, web or headsets. With features like real-time presenter control, live VR conferencing …. VRtuoso is used by brands like BT, O2, Pfizer, Net-a-Porter, BP, Amazon, Philip Morris, Leonardo, Telecom Italia among others… 

Hysi Labs

Visit their website for more information.

Hypha: Integration is the path to wisdom “For we have now come to a stage of human culture in which we have compartments of knowledge but not knowledge itself; specialisation but no integration; specialists but no philosophers of human wisdom…” These words were penned by Lin Yutang in his book, ‘The Importance of Living’.  The book was first published in 1938.  At that time, it took over 25 years for knowledge to double. Today it takes just 12 hours. If siloed knowledge was a problem then, it has become exponentially more pressing and urgent now.  Systems have been developed that turn data into information and information into knowledge. But what about wisdom – the judgement, the sense, the wit, the intuition – that is needed to solve complex problems and make effective multifaceted decisions? That wisdom is organic, not linear. It comes during moments of insights, those a-ha moments, when you can see the wholeness of different elements of knowledge, their connections, their contextual meanings. It comes when one is able to connect, contextualise and integrate knowledge. Integration is the path to wisdom. How does one integrate knowledge, make sense of it on a large scale? Nature has answers. Specifically, Hyphae – the fine, tubular structures that branch, fuse and tangle to create the mycelium network. Water and nutrients flow through this network. Every step you take in the woods has 300 miles of the network underneath. That’s the scale. If nature can solve the problem of integrating and making sense of signals at such a large scale, so can organisations with integration of their knowledge.  The Hypha Innovation Intelligence platform takes inspiration from Hyphae. It creates a contextual network in which knowledge can reside. Knowledge is distilled into discrete components and embedded in the network. All knowledge elements in the network are connected, but there is no central control. As Merlin Sheldrake says, coordination takes place everywhere and nowhere in particular. The network encourages symbiosis, collaboration and exploration across organisational boundaries. It enables teams to connect the dots, make sense of their world, answer the question posed by the poet, T.S. Eliot, in a 1934 play:  “Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?” Learn more about the Hypha Innovation Intelligence Platform at https://hypha.cc Cellavate:

Art on the beach

Art on the beach Jesús Moreno gets his nickname YES through the graffiti culture. During his work he uses the letters, shapes and graphic elements

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Inspiration Poems by Nicci Zybutz  An eye for beauty An eye for detail A good eye Eye of the storm Eye of the beholder  Breathe,

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