HR left for dead amongst business chaos

Join Annemie for a no holds barred discussion on the future of People Leadership, which cannot simply be a mere re-hashing of what has come before.

Date: June 12, 2020

Time: 12:30 pm

- 1:30 pm (GMT)

Annemie recently reflected on an article she wrote in the wake of the last economic downturn, where she argued that HR had been left for dead ….

Annemie strongly feels though that we are now at another cross-roads, where what we commonly think of as HR will RADICALLY need to be redefined or it will become irrelevant.

Join Annemie for a no-holds-barred discussion on the future of People Leadership, which cannot simply be a mere re-hashing of what has come before.

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Annemie Ress

PurpleBeach Founder

Annemie founded PurpleBeach, in order to bring together business leaders and thinkers to share experiences that transform thinking, change perceptions and ultimately lead to new ways of doing business.

Annemie has wide-ranging experience in designing and implementing significant organisational change and transformation in multi-national businesses, focusing on future trends as they specifically impact leadership, talent, culture, diversity and complexity. She draws extensively from her experience as Global HR Director at Skype, Global Head of People Innovation at eBay, Senior HR Director at eBay & PayPal Europe, and previous roles as Head of HR at The International Petroleum Exchange and her time at PepsiCo.

Annemie is known for approaching organisational, leadership and strategic challenges from a very different, unique and results-driven perspective. She has extensive executive leadership and board-level experience in a wide range of technology businesses at all stages of maturity, with particular expertise in driving high levels of commercial and organisational performance.

Annemie currently co-leads the development of a diversified €350m energy innovation and technology investment portfolio for a large German multinational including sourcingevaluating and managing investment opportunities in the UK, Israel, Germany and the United States.  She has a vast direct network of personal relationships in the technology sector covering C-suite executives, hardware and software experts and thought leaders in related disciplines.

Annemie Ress

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