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Due to the popularity of our recent virtual Breakfasts and Brunches we have decided to launch a series of brunches, here is what we have planned for the coming weeks…
T.B.C. |
September 24, 2020
Guest Host: Tzameret Fuerst
September 24, 2020 |
5:00 pm -
5:45 pm
Join Tzameret Fuerst as we discuss what it means to hack your blind spots.

Past Events

The Future of Recruitment

With many employees losing their jobs or being furloughed due to the pandemic, there has been a major increase in the volume of job applications organisations are receiving. Technology such as increased automation in early stages has become prominent in helping to cope with this, as well as incorporating vital values.

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Leadership Communication

The conversations were so enjoyable that we widened the scope and touched on various other topics, making for a diverse and interesting brunch.

A couple of insights – With both COVID-19 and BlackLivesMatter arising at the same time, organisations are responding much quicker than in the past and often changing stance.

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Business As Usual Brunch Discussion

Business as usual?

Naleena lead an insightful discussion about the concept of ‘Business As Usual’ through the current health crisis, and the many factors that have had to change in the way we do business.

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Strengthening the Innovation Chain

Everyone defines innovation differently, and there is rarely a single measureof success. Similarly, there are few “universal truths” when it comes to planning and delivering game changing innovation – with one exception (in our opinion).

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