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Brunch conversations

During our recent events, we have had some really interesting conversations around topics that are effecting us personally and professionally.  You can now watch the key points…

Priyanka Banjeri-Bhatia
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The changing context of leadership and impact of the current crisis

PurpleBeach Experiences

Since the launch of PurpleBeach, we have been inviting people to the conversation. Here is a summary of our past events. Who knows what 2020 has in store for us?

Candlelight reflections

Living in unprecedented times, with most of the world in lock down, we have reached out to our experts, specialists and leaders to share with you answers to 5 simple questions

27 April 2020 – PBTV
Candle Light Reflections

Wendy Zito

Candle Light Reflections

Anna Baréz Brown

15 April 2020 – PBTV
31 March 2020 – PBTV
Candle Light Reflections

Michael broughton

Candle Light Reflections

Petra Jung

31 March 2020 – PBTV
8 April 2020 – PBTV
Candle Light Reflections

Avil Beckford

Candle Light Reflections

Linda Notelovtiz

An uplifting visual perspective on why we embrace life and creativity now more than ever!
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7 April 2020 – PBTV
31 March 2020 – PBTV
Candle Light Reflections

Orit Wolf

Candle Light Reflections

Peet Pienaar

31 March 2020 – PBTV
6 April 2020 – PBTV
Candle Light Reflections

Michelle Tasic

Michelle graduated with Honours from Otis College Los Angeles with a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Media. Working many years in the heart of Hollywood on international productions, places her at the forefront of film and creative intelligence. 
She worked a number of years at Electronic Arts as a cinematic and storyboard artist on games like Command and Conquer and Lord of The Rings. 
She co-created & directed the Lions4Life TV show: a monthly reality show on the Lions Rugby team in South Africa and their travel around the world for various competitions, this aired for 4 seasons. She is Artist in the traditional mediums and in the digital landscape, and is currently completing her Masters in Philosophy.
Candle Light Reflections

Ranjani Parthasarathy

6 April 2020 – PBTV

The 5 Questions

1. Who are you and where are you at the moment?

2. How are you staying positive during this time – tips and hints please?

3. What are you continuing to work on?

4. Any interesting books, clips, series you recommend others to watch while they are at home at the moment?

5. If you could, what would you wish us all to do differently once this is all over?

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Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.



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PurpleBeach Experience 2020

As many of you will know we usually hold an annual in-person PurpleBeach Experience, but as that’s not possible this year, we have decided to create our very own Boxset around the theme of “new”.

You can watch all our episodes at your leisure. Binge, fast forward, rewind, watch in any order: you are in control of the remote. And let’s face it, the remote is one of the few things we have had control of in recent months!

I'd like access to the boxset:

We have a strict door policy at our boxset premier. To gain access to this limited edition boxset, simply fill in the form below. 

Boxset Covers