Our Purpose

We are PurpleBeach, we bring your courage to the fore,
To change the way you think so we can all achieve much more.
We believe the future is abundant, so much for all to gain.
But why do so many feel their challenges as pain?

Our beginnings were humble, earnest and true.
To help organisations, and bright people just like you.
We wanted something different, a new way to play
To not be consultants who are focused on pay day.

Our challenge was simple, how do we disrupt,
With service you deserve and new ideas to interrupt
Projects to get projects, service just good enough
We wanted to clean house, so we had to get tough

We won’t tell you what you want to hear, is our mantra still now.
But we’ll tell you what you need to know, and harness your ‘how’
Make us redundant is our challenge to you
And we’ll share all our knowledge to make that come true.

Face into the future with a smile on your face
Embrace all its challenges and thrive in it with grace.
We’ll walk side by side through all the lows and the highs
But make no mistake, we’ll still say our goodbyes.

Why do we do it?  What got us to here?
We’re so proud of our purpose, it’s on here without fear.
We’re champions of people, inspiring them to be more
To do things for the world to make it better than before.

It’s not just about talent, but how companies think
That will help them grow bigger or rescue them from the brink.
We provoke and we challenge to future-proof and enable.
And we leave every client feeling much more than able.

If you’d like to bring your future to within your reach,
All our clients would tell you to call PurpleBeach.