Postcards 2019

Ole Tillmann – Standing out from the crowd

We were delighted to welcome professional presenter and innovation consultant Ole Tillmann who joined us all the way from Berlin to run an extremely engaging and interactive session on how to stand out from the crowd in a world in which there’s so much noise and (as per his recently launched book title) go “BEYOND THE OBVIOUS”…

The ability to present your ideas in a clear, convincing way is a crucial skill for any innovator – from the startup founder pitching to raise their first million, the corporate innovation team seeking to convince the management board of a new product idea to the business executive who needs to align people behind a strategy.

A great idea can only achieve its full impact if others are convinced of its value. In his session, Ole showed how design thinking and storytelling can help anyone create more meaningful presentations.

His expert insights covered the structure of effective pitches and presentations, how to harness the creative process to develop a compelling visual story and how to deliver it engagingly. Ole’s book BEYOND THE OBVIOUS is an inspirational guide to creating presentations that provide real, lasting value for their audience – no prior design experience necessary!

Ole was joined by the talented Giulia Hartz who developed this fantastic artistic representation of Ole’s core ideas.