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Finbarr Joy

Roundtable discussion: September 17, 2020

Finbarr joined us at PurpleBeach on 17th September for a great roundtable discussion on his boxset episode, “Digital is the Old Normal”.

The last few months have forced many of us to engage with technology at a level never experienced before– even though the means of doing so have been with us for a while.  Meanwhile, spurred on by the purpose of community, many teams found themselves achieving great outcomes even through adversity. Now that we are settling into the changes, it seems that for some, muscle memory is pulling us back into old habits- so to move forward we need a new approach, instead of reverting.  Often organisations who aren’t digital, look at digital and the more they learn the less they understand. Therefore the more they plan to prepare – yet somehow never actually get started. We need to understand what is holding people back and encourage them to face the challenge- to test and learn while taking first steps, as they have through this recent period of change. 

Finbarr pointed out that the challenges many have faced these last few months have meant some have moved quickly just to get things done and surprised themselves in the process!  Companies are learning to test and learn – and this requires a change in leadership behaviours.  A quick example of leadership behaviours that have positively influenced the mindset of digital change is identifying the friction points that teams are experiencing as they test improvements and removing organisational barriers to change.  New working patterns need to be established giving teams empowerment and support.  Talent is critical – attracting and retaining digital talent which can also involve making tough decisions about current talent.

We are all connecting with digital in our day to day lives.  It’s not such a big step to improve our engagement with it in the workplace and not be afraid!  By looking forward and joining both remote working and human connection, we can create the perfect combination.  Technology cannot be the solution to everything and we must fill the gaps it leaves with humanity, bringing forward the newfound emotive approach. Leaders must be selective about what technology they implement to their business as there are a lot of choices out there, but not all are used in the right way.  The business model must be at the forefront of the transformation, and digital must be incorporated into the existing culture of the organisation, or else it becomes an extra challenge separated from pre-existing values.

We collected a range of insights and observations from those who joined our insightful discussion with Finbarr. Now, more than ever, is a time that digital has been forced into the everyday lives of unsuspecting organisations, and there is an opportunity to fully incorporate that into the culture of business, just as we have done in our daily lives.

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Finbarr Joy

With over 25 years’ experience in Technology, from engineer to board director, via start-up co-founding, global consulting, and FTSE 100 executive experience, Finbarr is dedicated to developing breakthrough business models, powered by tech. Prior roles have included stints as CTO/ CIO, at global operators such as BT, William Hill, Lebara, and Superbet, repositioning and scaling propositions through technology transformation, product innovation, talent development, and M&A.

Finbarr’s early experiences included two years with Netscape as a member of the team that brought the Web to the world, and established the enduring model for digital innovation that propels the best of today’s Consumer Internet.

Finbarr has joined us on many previous events and we are delighted that he’s going to share his unique insight into the digital world. 

Finbarr Joy

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