Applied is the first tech spin out of the UK’s Behavioural Insights Team (aka the ‘nudge unit’). It’s a recruitment platform designed by leading behavioural scientists to remove bias and improve predictive validity in hiring.

We work with organisations around the world, from government departments to start ups to corporates. Some of our clients include Penguin Random House, Hilton Hotels, TfL, and GroupM.

The platform aims to make hiring smart, fair, and easy, using research and data science to ensure organisations hire the best person for the job, irrespective of their background. The platform enables extensive name/university/socio-demographic blinding, plus a host of other behaviourally-informed changes to the review process to mitigate bias and better identify talent.

For example, we’ve got a ‘wisdom of crowds’ feature and a chunking feature that mitigate halo effects, groupthink, and ordering effects.

To improve predictive validity, we make it easy to assess candidates on their skills and talents: testing them on their ability to do job, not what sits on a CV or resume. The platform has been tested against traditional CV/cover letter recruitment and been shown to improve efficiency and diversity in shortlisting (blog posts here [2]).



Classlist enables parents at the same school to make trusted, secure connections; making their life easier and school communities stronger.

Classlist has grown in two years to become the largest school parent-to-parent communications platform in the UK with over2,400 schools registered. Classlist enables parents at the same school to make secure connections within their school community.

Parents can message each other, manage events, send newsletters, trade items, liftshare, volunteer, help raise funds and more.



Crowdoscope is an interactive survey and discussion tool for real-time social collective intelligence. It essentially overcomes the problems associated with traditional surveys and online discussion forums by allowing participants to read and evaluate each other’s comments.



At ellpha we believe diversity is good for the world, good for business, and good for the soul.

Yet progress is slow, specifically in terms of gender equality, with the World Economic Forum estimating that it will take another 170 years to close the economic gender gap. Why this glacial pace of progress when gender equality seems so high on the agenda? Governments and organisations are developing policies, statements, and actions plans, with little or no impact. The media are escalating and reporting discrimination and parity gaps, but change remains incremental.

At the heart of this lack of progress, ellpha’s research points to the prevalence of unconscious bias. Deeply rooted in humans since an early age through education, gender constructions and stereotyped representations, those bias prevent change and progress, even in men and women genuinely willing to change. Biases are hard coded in humans. They hack our brains, like an invisible virus and influence our behaviours and decisions. What if we could make those biases visible? Can technology help detect biases and guide humans to take action?


Glovebox Direct

Glovebox Direct is an automotive parts and accessories marketplace offering only genuine original equipment direct from the manufacturers and their dealers. By partnering with brands such as Suzuki, Ford and Toyota, we offer an unrivalled range of parts that are guaranteed to fit your specific car.


Hive Learning

Hive Learning is the intelligent learning platform. We help organisations grow by turning learning, collaboration and knowledge sharing into daily routine. Our simple, flexible, mobile learning experience helps people all over the world learn together anytime, anywhere, everyday. Glovebox Direct is an automotive parts and accessories marketplace offering only genuine original equipment direct from the manufacturers and their dealers. By partnering with brands such as Suzuki, Ford and Toyota, we offer an unrivalled range of parts that are guaranteed to fit your specific car. Glovebox Direct www.gloveboxdirect.com Hive Learning www.hivelearning.com Acclaimed across sport, business and education, Hive Learning’s client list includes Sky, Barclays, Sainsbury’s, Jaguar Land Rover, the FA, the Premier League, and Naspers. Founded and chaired by world-renowned coach Sir Clive Woodward and backed by Blenheim Chalcot, other advisors include Times Columnist and high performance expert, Matthew Syed.



TheHouseShop is a one-stop destination for real estate related services for renters and buyers, landlords and sellers, private and
professional alike. Its basic listing services are free to all, including agents, though they can opt to pay for additional support.

Its core business model in the rental market is offering financial services to landlords and letting agents; in the sales market, it is lead-generation for agents.

Thehouseshop has 225,000 properties on its site, attracts around 1 million monthly users, out of which 70% is on mobile.

TheHouseShop offers a suite of tools for rentals, including insurance and collection services for landlords. Tenants can access
liability and home contents insurance. It is soon to launch a deposit insurance product as well. The products are curated, rather than built in-house, and chosen on the basis of their usefulness and consumer appeal.

Technology is key to its offering. TheHouseShop uses AI to moderate content, conversations and photos on the site and is to launch soon other features, like 360-degree property tours, which is both user-friendly and a time-saving tool for all users.


innogy Innovation Hub

Please visit the Innogy Innovation Hub and talk to the team about their many Start Ups including those from Artificial Intelligence, Disruptive Digital, Mobility and Cyber Security spaces.

We drive game-changing ideas!

We partner globally with start-ups to invest in and accelerate business ready for scale. Here are some of our start-ups…



Jump.Work is an intelligent, AI-powered talent platform that goes above and beyond the CV, taking into account multiple facets of the person, such as personality, motivation and cultural fit. By using objective data, companies can predictably understand who the top performers will be for their roles and team. Far too long recruitment lacked innovation and objectivity. Jump.Work is changing this by turning the industry upside down.


Just 3 Things

As companies across all sectors begin to embrace cross-functional ways of working that empower teams to test and deliver projects
against key objectives more rapidly, leaders are facing pressure to shift from a legacy of leading by “direction” to one of leading by “orchestration”.

just3things.com is a platform designed to address this challenge by driving transparency and alignment in the team-based organisations.

The platform allows individuals to align their personal and team goals and OKRs to the company strategy, at the same time requiring
Just 3 Things www.just3things.com them to regularly prioritise (and re-priorities) these as work streams shift and evolve. The
platform was developed from within OVO Energy, one of Forbes predicted next Unicorns, and was rolled out to the 1,500 employees two
years ago before launching externally in 2018.

Other clients include Team Sky, Veolia and The Brain Tumour Charity.

Deloitte, 2017 survey – “Rewriting the rules for the digital age”

Forbes, 13 August 2018 – “Here are the UK Companies that will be Unicorns in 2019”



KIDsorted is a marketplace for children’s activities and classes. For parents, enables discovery and booking of children’s activities and classes. It aggregates an offline and fragmented market of children’s activity providers. For suppliers, it allows class providers to target local parents and take bookings online reducing time spent on backend admin.



Launchworks & Co is an innovative expert platform specialised in helping organisations on their digital transformation journey. Our experts have all previously worked for leading global platforms such as Airbnb, eBay and PayPal.

Launchworks & Co help start-ups, scale-ups and established companies unlock the power of communities and networks by:

Training leadership teams and executives in the art of harnessing technologies to redesign their business and launch winning Platform Strategies

Helping design, launch, scale and optimise platforms-powered businesses and their ecosystems with frameworks uniquely designed for the platform economy

Supporting management teams and boards with their strategic decision-making processes by augmenting their in-house capabilities with our expert platform



Medixus is a peer-to-peer app for healthcare workers across Africa and beyond to connect and collaborate on challenging patient case, in real time.

Medixus uses technology to plug the gaps in physical proximity, empowering clinicians and fostering the pan-African healthcare community. We believe that through real-time cross disciplinary collaboration, a higher quality of clinical decisions can be made leading to improved quality of patient care. At the core of Medixus is the ethos that no front-line healthcare worker should feel unsupported in her/his decision making. We aim to harness the expertise that exists on the continent, and ensure all healthcare workers can access this at the push of a button.


Learning with Experts

“The web can do amazing things but it can’t provide leadership. That has to come from individuals with passion” – Seth Godin

At Learning with Experts, our vision is to own the category for adult arts and vocational online education. We’re doing this through enabling people to learn the subjects they love from trusted world-class experts, in a collaborative and rewarding learning

We envisage a world where global communities of millions of geographically dispersed enthusiasts unite based around a shared
passion to learn more about their hobby or vocation from a true expert. Students unite in small groups ‘tribes’ to learn together as a group. They value the trust that they see in our world-class experts (unlike learning from Youtube), and they value the learning experience itself with interaction in our online community classrooms.



For over 5 years, Praditus [1] has been a catalyst for employee development and engagement and worked with our client companies to facilitate their digital transformation.

Praditus is recognized as the most innovative, user-friendly, and caring solution on the market today for helping team members become more self-aware and develop their soft skills.

Over 100,000 team members from more than 70 countries already use Praditus with companies such as Airbus, SNCF, Hertz, L’Oréal, Michelin, Orange, Suez, and Safran.

Praditus offers a cutting-edge, multidimensional approach to make your team members more active and ccountable in their personal development. In particular, we can adapt Praditus to your leadership model so that it reflects the skills and behavior your company expects.

The models behind Praditus have been rigorously tested and published in academic journals, and Praditus has won several awards as the most innovative European HR start-ups specializing in talent management.


Project Imagine

On the face of it Project Imagine is a rather quirky team. With individuals hailing from vastly different industries and backgrounds, made up of 75% women and aged from 18 to 58, they’re certainly not the usual group you’d expect to be starting a banking & wealth management alternative.

But that is exactly what they’re launching this autumn having gone from blank office to a 5-in-1 financial app that provides a current account and debit card, financial planning tools, 5% fixed interest bonds, thematic investment portfolios, and a social insight feed, all in less than 8 months.

And dozens, as the product will be called, is only the first of a series of brands to come from the team.

Headed up by Aritra Chakravarty, Project Imagine was formed to solve every day financial problems by reimagining the norms of banking. Armed with $5m seed funding, 15 years banking experience and an ability to question everything he’s been taught Chakravarty is on course to define the second generation of challenger banks by putting the ‘Fin’ back in ‘Fintech’.

So watch this space. Perhaps something a bit different from the norm is exactly what the industry needs.



Good user research is the foundation of the product creation process at forward-thinking design and technology companies around the world. However, there aren’t good tools either to help teams manage research projects or to store and share the insights that emerge from them. Qualdesk is on a mission to change that.



Sceenic’s Watch Together technology powers interactive co-viewing experiences for media companies.

Today’s culture is the conversation that happens around the content we consume daily.

Watch Together cloud technology lets people simultaneously enjoy the same content from different places.

Our technology is easy and flexible to implement. We work closely with you to introduce the Watch Together experience to
your platform.



We are Squid40. We adapt to our environment.
Challenge us!

Digital Products, Mobile Applications, Web Applications, Software development, Platforms, Development, Product Development, Product Design, Experience Design, and Near-shore partnership

Squid40 is a totally adaptable, agile and fluid digital product and software agency with offices in London, Bucharest and Targoviste Romania. We are re-defining what it means to be a near-shore partner. Partnership is not a differentiator, it is the norm. We don’t just partner, we believe in ‘Side by Side’ . We achieve this by building amazing teams around super stellar cultural DNA and core values combined with cross border collaboration through transient resource and fantastic, super responsive communication.

We embed ourselves in clients’ teams and processes; this often means physically being with our clients on-site. This is part of our core offering.



Talmix creates the talent connections that power your business success. 40,000 consultants globally, an enviable client list from every region and every sector, and expertise in every function create infinite possibilities for answering every business requirement. We use rich data sets, with over 200,000 unique data points that increase by the minute, and combine with machine learning to interpret and predict your needs, making connections at lightning speed to the world’s best talent




Zappy is a Cognitive – Robotic Process Automation (C-RPA) software which learns the user behaviour and provides quick and easy way for non-technical users to automate their mundane tasks. Zappy transforms and streamlines businesses to deliver operational efficiencies of over 30%.



Ziorva is an ethical fine jewellery brand, designed for the contemporary woman who craves elegance with an edge. Each piece is sustainably crafted in the UK from solid recycled gold and ethically sourced gemstones. Hand-finished by expert craftsmen in London’s Hatton Garden, every piece feels special. Gemstones are hand-selected for their beauty, rarity and meaning. Packaging is both delightfully tactile and environmentally friendly.

With a striking yet delicate aesthetic, Ziorva appeals to fashion forward females who are self-assured, effortlessly elegant and ethically minded.

The debut collection is entitled “Skyset”. Inspired by dynamic skies, the pieces showcase radiant pink and blue hues captured in angular geometric forms.