PurpleBeach Team

Jean Gomes

Chief of Positive Disruption at PurpleBeach

Jean asks “What will powerful organizations of the future look like?” For over 25 years, he has consulted with some of the world’s leading brands on strategy, leadership, innovation and culture change. He has also coached more than fifty CEOs and senior leaders around the world.

Jean has created a framework of thought called Fusion that describes the ability to integrate an organisation’s tangible (capability) and intangible (capacity) assets to create the ultimate performance state.

He has worked across the world with organizations as diverse as The Women’s Tennis Association, Police officers and Social Workers caring for children’s welfare to the leaders of companies such as eBay, Google, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Shell, BBC, Sony, Nokia and Toyota.

Jean is owner and CEO of DPA, a consultancy that works across the world with large organizations on transformational programmes involving strategy, leadership and organizational change.

Jean Gomes is also Chairman of the Energy Project Europe. The Energy Project is a consultancy committed to helping organizations build sustainable high performance cultures by teaching people to manage their energy rather than their time. Whilst time is finite, energy can be expanded and regularly renewed.

Jean co-authored The New York Times best seller, ‘The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working’ with Tony Schwartz (The Art of the Deal and The Power of Full Engagement).