Today’s top tip comes from leadership development facilitator and author of Own LifeTodd Eden.

Do Half as much, Twice as Well

It was my resolution for 2018, because in 2017 I was really busy doing lots of good stuff but very little of it was truly outstanding.

In January 2018 I literally crossed out the 50% of things that I didn’t love doing and doubled the amount of energy I poured into the things that I did love. End result…. lots of truly outstanding things.

Todd Eden

Todd Eden

Todd’s mission is to develop the emotional intelligence of bright talents to compliment their cognitive intelligence. He’s a gifted facilitator of large groups with an ability to quickly build trust and keep the vibe lively whilst tackling deep and powerful topics. Particularly focussed on 18-35 year olds, he designs and delivers leadership events & programmes for undergraduates, grad intakes, and high-potential schemes.

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