Today’s top tip comes from Leadership and culture coach and master practitioner of character development approach, HeartStyles, Kate Noakes

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Embrace Compassion in Business

The gift of compassion is not only the ability to understand how your actions may impact others. It is the willingness to find better ways to ensure your actions also lift others up too.

In 2020, try not to excuse your actions by hiding behind the results you need to achieve, rather make this the year you explore ways to achieve those results whilst also making a positive difference to those around you.

It’s a great way of being!

Kate Noakes

Kate Noakes

Trying to find the energy and purpose to get through the day? Looking to be more effective in making things happen? Wanting others to come with you on your journey? People consulting has suddenly got interesting and it’s about to take you on a whole new journey of discovery, growth and sustained improvement...

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