It’s Good to Listen..

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In thinking of our New Year’s resolution for business it was tempting to write about how 2020 should be the year to seek perfect vision.

However, for us there’s a sense far more important in driving growth and both professional and personal fulfilment:


Flapper day 5

The start of the year is a good time to check-in with your people – be they customers, clients or employees – to ensure that your story continues to be aligned with their experiences and expectations for the year ahead and beyond.

Do your customers and teams feel the same way as you? If there’s an expectation gap why does it exist? Who is out of touch and what can you do to bring everyone together behind your purpose and proposition?

Tapping into the insights your audiences have to offer can set-up new opportunities for sustainable growth and re-energise existing initiatives. While many shy away from asking people for their feedback for fear of a ‘moaning session’, we find that – if they know you are prepared to take action on what you hear, there’s no better way of engaging your audiences in your vision.

In our experience, the start of a fresh new year is a great time to have meaningful conversations with your people. It’s also a great time to harvest new stories that bring your purpose or brand to life in new and exciting ways.

If you’d like to talk about a check-in with your audiences, we’d love to listen.

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