Today’s top tip comes from PurpleBeach’s resident futurist and Intellectual Property and Information Technology expert, Warren Weertman.

keep a weekly journal to reflect on your critical thinking

In 2020 try to keep a weekly journal in which you reflect on your critical thinking. Your weekly journal entry should deal with four points:

  1. 1. describe an idea, maybe something you like or dislike;
  2. 2. reflect on your response, or why you reacted the way you did to the idea;
  3. 3. relate your new idea to another theory or idea you know; and 
  4. 4. consider how this new idea relates to your personal learning process and journey. 
Warren Weertman

Warren Weertman

For nearly 20 years Warren has been working at the intersection of Intellectual Property and Information Technology with a range of clients, big and small, on the IP/IT legal issues that affect their businesses.

Warren’s work typically takes two forms: firstly, helping companies identify and protect the IP and IT assets and secondly...

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