PurpleBeach is a consultancy focusing on innovation and people. We drive performance, working with an organisation’s most important asset – its people. We partner with you from building the basics to masterminding the future of your organisation’s evolution, bringing creativity, innovation, and experience to challenge your thinking and deliver real business results.

We are a global network of diverse, great minds that helps businesses solve simple, complex and even wicked problems

We have been in our client’s shoes with extensive real-life experience across sectors and industries

We recognise the importance of crowd and community and listening to and working with your whole organisation, not just your leaders

We love data and we use it to provide insights that drive action

Everything we do is experiential and we test and measure the impact of our work on the individuals and businesses we partner with.

Why Purple?

True diversity is unlocked when we use both our Right and Left brain (the creative and analytical). Red and Blue symbolise the Right and Left brain… when combined they become Purple.

Why PurpleBeach?

The Beach can be a metaphor for our reality today. At a macro-eonomic, socio-demographic and technological level everything is changing … in fact, it is constantly changing.

We all experience a beach differently, depending on the tides, seasons, the weather, time of day and our own emotional states. A beach however can also be a space, where one reflects, gets new insights and where one is able to gain perspective.

That is what PurpleBeach is – diverse, real-world anchored and inspiring. And it is our aim to bring together as many diverse people onto the Beach as is possible. Come join us!