How it Feels to Work with Us

  • We won’t always tell what you want to hear but we will always tell you what you need to know
  • We work alongside you instead of providing a standard template or solution
  • We do the right thing – we won’t outstay our welcome or leave you stranded
  • We don’t come with ready-made models and answers to questions we haven’t even asked you yet – we listen, we start small, we test, experiment, learn, scale and sustain
  • We bring a fresh perspective – we look beyond the obvious and we provoke new thinking. We are helpfully disruptive. We create fun and explore the unusual
  • We build self-sufficiency – we are generous with our knowledge and talents and look to build yours
  • We keep our finger on the pulse – we measure the impact of our work all along the way, where it’s working we do more of it, where it’s not we learn and course correct
  • We value difference – Diversity can bring about surprising outcomes. We aim for you to experience difference when working with us and we look to leverage differences around us
  • We are inclusive and respect an organisations’ DNA and history