Why We Exist

To build the future with those who want to make a real difference to their organisations and the world


Our purpose is to inspire organisations – and the people within them – to perpetually explore, experiment and re-invent to future-proof their business.

We believe that the resulting exponential growth will have a ripple effect in the economy, in the community, and in the world at large. 

We want to help these organisations create abundance for their employees, the families of those employees, the communities they work and live in, their industry and the wider economy. Their experimentation and innovation will bring new and exciting ways of doing things, and can sometimes make the world a better place.

The people who have the potential to become future-proofers apply that mindset in their lives more generally – exploring, experimenting and continually growing as they become the best version of themselves. We want to help them unlock this potential through their work and we find that many of our future proofers pay it forward. 

PurpleBeach future-proofers contribute to, and embrace, the possibilities the world has to offer.