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The Beach can be a metaphor for our reality today. At a macro-economic, socio-demographic and technological level - everything is changing … in fact, it is constantly changing.

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PurpleBeach Experience 2016

From Me, Myself and I toward Crowds, Communities and Networks


PurpleBeach Experience 2016

Tanya Byron, Theodore Zeldin and Peter Vogt join Annemie Ress at the PurpleBeach Experience 2016 to discuss the shift from Me, Myself and I toward Crowds, Communities and Networks.

How social media damages child development

Child psychologist Tanya Byron talks at PurpleBeach's London gathering about the pressures children are under in today's society and how social media affects their sense of identity.

Live Postcards from PurpleBeach Experience 2016

We are not doing enough to protect young people from the internet and social media says Tanya Byron, in conversation with Annemie Ress

Best known for her work as a child therapist on television shows Little Angels and The House of Tiny Horrors, psychologist Tanya Byron lead a 2008 review for the UK Government published as “Safer Children in a Digital World”. According to Tanya, 50% of all adult mental health problems will show themselves in early teens. This is a time when the brain is very ‘plastic’ due

Connecting with people ignites opportunities for success says Peter Vogt

We can do powerful things when we open up to new insights from employees, said Peter Vogt, leading employee engagement expert and ‘the guy who invented employee brand’. Peter described his work as helping companies become better places to work, where people feel valued and respected. As a result, employees become more connected to customers and want to create better communities. Pete is also ‘super big open’ abo

Theodore Zeldin offers ‘long answers to short questions’

At Purple Beach 2016, Annemie Ress talked to Theodore Zeldin, Oxford academic and author of ‘An Intimate History of Humanity’, about individuals, couples, communities and other matters. Here are some notes from their conversation. Has there been a shift from individuals to communities? TZ: Recent shifts from ‘individuals’ to communities are really a step back in time. Peo

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Who are you? The great adventure of our time

Theodore Zeldin, Oxford academic and author of ‘An Intimate History of Humanity’, discusses understanding truth, the art of conversation and creating couples of the mind at PurpleBeach's London gathering.

Connecting ignites opportunities for success

Peter Vogt - ‘the guy who invented employee brand’ - talking at PurpleBeach's London gathering about how companies can become better places to work and do powerful things when they open up to new insights from their employees.

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Network Leadership

PurpleBeach has launched a new online course: Network leadership

The concept of Network Leadership informs a new worldview of organisation and leadership that is nonlinear, dynamic, and very much relationship-based. It is not just a new way to lead, but also a new way of thinking.

Network leadership helps organisations to make the most of people who, without positional power, instinctively develop and exploit broad-based alliances, resulting in improved business performance.

The course introduces you to the important concepts of Network leadership and Traditional leadership styles. Learners will discover the benefits of the Network leadership style and why it is essential for the work environment today. It will also expands on the 2 key roles of a Network Leader in an organisational context - being a networker and being a network manager.

What is your organisational story?

It is an analysis of what is currently happening in and to your organisation but like any good story, it needs to be updated as you go along as things change

What is Insight // Outsight?

It is a way to develop your organisational story that:

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At PurpleBeach, we bring together business leaders, thinkers and conversation partners to share experiences that transform thinking, shift paradigms and ultimately lead to new ways of doing business and achieving results.

PurpleBeach Blog with Annemie Ress

Do you remember the first time?

My how the time flies! Just three short years ago we were preparing for our very first PurpleBeach experience in London, a two-day crucible of connection and experimentation designed to provide leaders with opportunities to reflect with a range of diverse thinkers and stimulate “aha moments” of inspiration. Since those early days we’ve provided thousands of people with the opportunity to gain new pers...

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Beach Writings with Richard Davies

Oller Oller People

Recently I attended the opening of Jerwood Open Forest, an exhibition to explore the relationship between art and the environment run in partnership with Forestry Commission England. I was fascinated by a project created by Adam James, a performance artist based in London. Adam took nine performers for eight days in October to Sherwood Pine Forest in Nottingham where they lived in wooden shelters, isolated from the rest of the world. B...

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Thinking Ahead with Warren Weertman

Corporations are dead, long live the corporation?

During his conversation with Annemie at this year’s PurpleBeach Experience, Theodore Zeldin raised a couple of points about the structure of work and whether our current systems and structures are suitable for a modern world. More specifically, Theodore Zeldin raised two key points: Young people don’t want what corporations are offering. Rather as a result of education, people are having ideas that we didn&rs...

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PurpleBeach Guest Blog various authors

Experiences on the Camino

By Jean Marc Codsi. If you are searching for meaning in your life, then this article is for you. In September 2015, I walked for 40 days, covering one thousand kilometer, on my own and at my own pace, as I needed a break from corporate life. More importantly, I did it because I could! For the first time in my life, I had the time and the motivation to get fit along with the need for c...

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The Beach can be a metaphor for our reality today. At a macro-eonomic, socio-demographic and technological level everything is changing … in fact, it is constantly changing.